Laundry Tips for the New Homeowner

If you’ve been living in an apartment for years, you likely haven’t had access to your own, personal laundry room.  It’s one of the many advantages of having your own home is being able to pick your very own appliances, arrange the laundry room the way you want, and not have to deal with have other people dirty laundry lying around yours!

I’ve used laundromats and apartment building shared-laundry rooms for many, many years, and while I have nothing against them, it’s really nice to be able to use your own room, whenever you want, not have to pay quarters each time you want to use a laundry machine or dryer.  Not to mention having to deal with faulty machines, nosy neighbors, shitty dryers that don’t get your clothes dry (even after nearly an hour!).  All these problems are very common and I’ve experienced them all.  The fun part is you can avoid them by setting up your own laundry room.

Using natural laundry detergent is something I like to do.  Other natural methods for removing clothing stains can be found all across the Internet.  I personally liked a few methods for removing ink stains from clothing using natural items milk, cornstarch and vinegar.  You wouldn’t think so many options are available that don’t included crazy weird chemicals, but you would be wrong.

Besides the obvious methods of getting stains removed (i.e. washing clothes in a washing machine, pre-treating, etc), I was surprised to find that there were many different ways to go about treating clothes.  Also I was interested in the fact that hot water washes are only really necessary in certain instances, and that pre-treating with cold water is the best way to go.

All in all being a new homeowners with a new laundry room is a difficult task, but it can be made easier by think things through thoroughly and doing proper research.  Feng shui is definitely an important consideration when designing any room, laundry room included.  Do your research on your washing machines and your dryers to make sure they are up-to-snuff.  Get some natural laundry detergents and set up a pre-wash area to get an effective wash as posslible.  Finally make sure to decorate your area with some enjoyable design patterns so you can enjoy your time and not dread having to do laundry.


One last note, it pays to make weekly cleaning visits to the laundry room.  Even though its the place we go when we want to clean things, it can sometimes can very dusty and dirty.  Make a weekly swoop with a duster or mop and also wipe down the machines (don’t forget to get behind them too!).  This will keep the room nice and tidy and avoid unnecessary build-up of gross dust and dirt.