Improving Your Yard’s Appearance With a Swing Set

Focusing a large portion of your home improvement budget and time on improving the inside of your home make sense, but sometimes focusing on the outside, the yards, deck, siding and roof, make a ton of difference as well.  This is especially apparent when you are trying to sell your home.  Taking a few minutes to think about ways to improve the look of your backyard could go a long way to making your days spent back there more enjoyable, or potentially improving the price of your home when you decided to sell.  In this article we are going to talk about one addition that can add to the functionality of your backyard, an added advantage for kids and if done correctly can add to the aesthetic quality of your home.   What I’m talking about is backyard swingsets and playsets.

Swing Sets and Playsets in the Backyard

Swingsets and playsets are great fun for kids, but can also be useful for adding character to a backyard.  Many yards can seem drab and boring because they are nothing more than some grass and fences.  Adding some unique value to these places is crucial for sprucing up the place.  Swingsets can get that accomplished while also adding a fun place for your kids to spend there time (and get them out of your hair in the same instance.)

Wooden Playset
A Wooden Playset like this can add great character to a backyard.

When trying to decide what playset to go for, there are a few considerations.  Firstly, you want to make sure you have enough room.  Getting a playset set up and placed in your backyard doesn’t take a ton of time or room, but having too little of either is a recipe for disaster.  Make sure you have at least a 30×30 area of installation to take place, and a 15×15 area for the playset to live.

The Installation Part

As for the installation, there are playset delivery/installation companies that can take care of all the hard work for you.  The other times you may want to choose a smaller sized playset if you are planning on doing all the work yourself.  Personally I would choose to hire a professional because it’s just a lot of work and will get you more frustrated then necessary.  These guys do this work almost exclusively and it’s not that expensive.  The job will get done quicker and more efficiently, plus you can just sit back and watch.

How Does it Look?

As for the decor and look of the playset, you really should go for a wooden one.  They are heavier and could cost a bit more then plastic or metal ones, but they end up looking really good.   Cedar ones end up have a nice scent as well, as cedar wood is usually used in many home applications because it is strong and smells good.

So go for a wooden playset that is large enough to be useful but small enough that it doesn’t take up the entire yard.  You will find that a good selection will make the different in the long run.  Hire a professional to install it and save yourself a hernia and a headache.  Lastly, choose a wooden playset that will look rustic and add charm and character to your backyard.  (One last note, make sure the kids have a little bit of a say too, they will be the ones playing in it after all).